Websites and Other Things Online

So you are looking for a website? Excellent! Taking your business online is a big step. There are many different types of web presences to choose from, and some might be better for your business than others. Here are some of the different services I offer:


Standard website

This includes a unique design and all of the coding so you are ready to go with a website totally customized for your business.


Responsive website

In addition to everything in the standard website, this site will also change how it looks based on the size of the persons screen. It is a great choice if your clients use mobile phones to access your site.


Mobile website

A website done specifically for mobile platforms, like iPhones.


Wordpress blogs

In this package, I will install Wordpress on your server, or help you make an account on theirs and help you pick out and customize a template for your very own blog.


User interface/ App design

Have an idea for an app? Let me help you by designing the interface.

See some examples